As part of the process of welcoming new students and keeping consistency in our management of Laud Ballet School we would ask you to read, fill in and submit the form on this page. The questions take a couple of minutes to complete, could you please take the time to submit as it’s essential in keeping my school compliant and more importantly our students safe. Thank you, Jo.

Please Note: Thanks to feedback we’ve discovered that this form cannot be completed if you’re using the Safari browser on an Apple MacBook or iMac. Strangely it will work on iOS devices such as iPad and iPhone. You can use the form on Mac and iMac if you use another browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

    Student's Details

    Does the student have any medical conditions, special needs, or allergies that we should be aware of? If so please advise below


    Photos, Media Approval

    On occasion we may take pictures or shoot video footage of events or classes to highlight the experience of being part of Laud Ballet School. We will always notify you of such events but as a general rule we would ask your consent here for any such activity.

    Physical Activity and Exercise

    We will always take every possible step to ensure the safety and wellbeing of students however, as with all such activities, there are rare occasions when an injury may occur. By submitting this form you note and accept this risk as outlined above and agree to entrust the student activities to the care of Jo Laud and her teaching staff during class.


    By submitting this form I agree that I will follow all safety procedures put in place by Laud Ballet School to reduce risks associated with Coronavirus. If a family member or student should display any symptoms, I will notify Laud Ballet School and ensure they do not attend class and will return once the appropriate quarantine period has passed.

    I therefore take responsibility for the Laud Ballet School student and trust that fellow parents, students and staff will fully adhere to the guidelines.

    I give my permission for Laud Ballet School to relay data to authorised and verified health authorities to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus as part of the Test and Trace initiative.

    By submitting this registration form I agree to the terms as set out by Laud Ballet School.