Update on Covid-19 Procedures

Returning to class in September will be lovely after so long away but it will be very different.  Can you please take the time to read the following?  It details how we must handle arriving and departing lessons, changes within the classes themselves, and explains why the timetable is so different.

I fully appreciate that some of rules detailed below may seem quite prescriptive and may cause some issues, however these changes are necessary if we are to return to a studio setting.  The teaching team will be working to keep the whole experience as relaxed and as much fun as possible but can I please ask you to prepare the students in advance, so that the changes aren’t too much of a surprise?   It’s going to be a strange environment for a while but I am hoping that we will all soon become accustomed to this new way of working and hopefully it won’t be for too long.  The first few lessons will inevitably mean a little less dance time whilst we get used to these new rules, but familiarity should mean that transitions become smoother and the focus can be dancing!

Preparation for Class

1. Students must arrive in their dance clothes and with their hair ready for class.
2. Students should wear a track suit or equivalent (preferably with a zipped/front opening top). Footwear should be easy to remove and put on again (slip on shoes or Velcro fastenings for the youngest students please).
3 Students may have one bag containing ballet shoes, character things and pointe shoes where applicable, and a bottle of water. No additional bags and no toys (sorry littlies!). We must keep the things we bring in to class to an absolute minimum.

Arrival for Class

  1. Please arrive no later than 5 minutes before class is due to start
  2. Please stand in a socially distanced line to wait to be taken into class.  Where to do this will be clearly marked.
  3. We are sorry but parents/guardians WILL NOT be allowed to wait on the premises (this is as per prescribed guidelines).
  4. Because parents/guardians are not allowed on the premises late arrival may mean that you won’t be able to take part in class.  Collecting latecomers will disrupt the class and weeknights would leave students unsupervised.

During Class

  1. Students are required to social distance at all times.
  2. Hands must be sanitised upon entering the building/studio.
  3. Belongings will deposited in socially designated places and students will prepare themselves for class.
  4. Students will be working in 3 metre square spaces.  This will mean dancing within a space taped to the floor or marked with a coloured rubber dot.
  5. Travelling work will be kept to a minimum and with 4 metres between students.
  6. Props will not be used.
  7. We will be unable to provide spare shoes, or hand out stickers or award ballet beanies.
  8. The teacher will work in a 2 metre strip across the front of the studio, and only in this strip.
  9. Toilet visits must be kept to an absolute minimum. 

Departure from Class

  1. Students will dress themselves before leaving the studio.
  2. Students will be escorted to the departure points where parents will be waiting.  These will be clearly marked.
  3. Please remember late arrival for collection will impact the following class.  Working in bubbles means that the next class/bubble cannot enter the building until all of the previous class/bubble has left.  Plus cleaning time between classes can’t be reduced.

Timetable Changes

Timetable changes have been unavoidable because of the following:-

  1. The availability of the new venues (Bede is too small to make classes viable).
  2. The requirement of 15 minutes to clean the studios between classes.
  3. Maximum class sizes and the requirement to work in bubbles.

I am sorry for the dictatorial nature of the above, it really isn’t my style at all but I’m afraid the current situation makes it necessary.

Jo LaudPrincipal

Laud Ballet School