Laud Ballet TV – Live Stream & Recorded Classes

Here you will find access to an introductory video for students and online content for all of our ballet classes.

If you’re new to the school please have a look then drop us a line with a note of the classes you’re interested in.  For more information on our YouTube Channel CLICK HERE and let us know what you’re interested in.

Please check out the introduction video before you start, it’s only a couple of minutes but does have important information for you and parents of younger students when preparing to take a lesson at home.

Response to Covid-19 – Online “Live” Classes

During the strict restrictions limiting leisure activities, such as ballet, we matched the majority of our studio schedule with online classes, both via YouTube and “LIVE” Zoom sessions. 

These classes proved incredibly popular and we were able to keep in touch with our students who in turn could interact with their classmates online.  It has been a very tough time for many of us but we’ve been grateful for the opportunity to stay connected and offer some relief from the stresses and pressures we all felt during the pandemic. 

Thankfully with restrictions lifted we’re now back to normal with  a full schedule of classes throughout the week Monday to Saturday.

The positive outcome of taking classes online has been the production of a series of recorded classes for each grade and class type represented in the school.

These classes are easily accessible via YouTube so feel free to take a look and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to ensure you don’t miss new content as and when it’s uploaded.  CLICK HERE

Adult Classes


" No one's ever lonely in a dance class"

A quote from Gary Avis
Senior Répétiteur and a Principal Character Artist of The Royal Ballet